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Research Projects

The potential applications for 3Flex® are extensive. Our research has focused on hydrofoils as it is easier, less costly and safer to push the limits of the construction than aerodynamic applications. However, we are now teaming with the City University London aero-elastic department and investigating the effect of our aero-elastic construction on the the performance of wind turbine blades. 

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Figure 1: Wind Tunnel at City University

Aeroelastic Characterisation of an Innovative Wing Structure Design

The main objectives of this project is to understand the aeroelastic response of the foils with varying stiffness and elasticity. This research will be carried out in City University's Wind Tunnel and the results will be compared to our in-house computational tools.Our technology leads to a number of unique computational challenges which we are also looking to overcome throughout this project.


Figure 2: Stall cell behind aerofoil structure

SaFER: Stall Flutter on conventional and innovative wing structures

The aim of this project is two-fold: firstly, to provide a step change in our understanding of stall cells
and stall flutter; secondly, to benchmark a number of 3flex® wing designs against
traditional approaches and facilitate its wider use. To this end, we have embarked on an ambitious experimental campaign coupled with a high-fidelity fluid-structure interaction model.

We shall recruit a PhD student who will work extensively on the 3Flex experimentation over a 3 year period. We believe this has the potential to lead to a number of breakthrough findings that will lead to some exciting new designs and applications in the future.