About Us

IDPortal was given as a gift to our director Chris on the 24th of December 2007 by a startup solicitor friend who believed he needed a platform to launch creative engineering endeavours. Chris has a PhD from Exeter University investigating some of the first numerical methods for solving fluid flow behaviour. He has since gone on to work on large security critical projects providing design, management and engineering expertise.

Matthew and Chris met at an OpenSource Software course and found they had a common belief that there was so much more that could be achieved in Aero/Hydrodynamics by combining the latest thinking in software development  and engineering design. With a First Class Degree in Engineering and PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics Matt went on to develop various CFD solvers including pressure-velocity coupling, deforming meshes, and chemistry solvers for the latest in Lithium Ion Batteries in Turin.

The company has a wide range of experience and expertise across a plethora of sectors. We thrive on leveraging our skillsets to tackle new and exiciting challenges.


Our Vision

Using teamwork and collaboration we can deliver cutting-edge, hyper-efficient solutions for the real world